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B B Eye Foundation was adjudged the best eye hospital of Eastern India by Times of India .


B B Eye

B B Eye Foundation is a time-trusted organisation situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, yielding to reconcile excellence with valuation. It encompasses the stalwarts in the field of Ophthalmology who have ensured over the last three decades for the prime functioning of this eye centre. It keeps the concerns of every patient in high regard who have continuously sought out it’s prima facie facilities and trusted this prestigious institution over the years.

The level of eye care provided here is transformational, to say the least. The healthcare providers work rigorously day in and out, even during trying times, to maintain the reputation of this heritage which was envisioned and built with blood, sweat and tears, keeping in mind to dispense the best to the patients. We have always aimed to cultivate a well approached, disciplined, amicable ambience and be empathetic towards the needs of the trusted beneficiaries. Everyday is a new chapter for us here to be more agile, safeguard the interest’s of our patients, and be responsible for each and every discretion we take as individuals or as a team. With changing times and with the growing technologically adept society, we practice to hone our expertise over the same and harness technology in a cost efficient manner.

It would be only fair to proclaim that our team here with it’s trusted skills and knowledge, would only grant you quality care without any compromise, which has been our strongest pillar. Our only intention is to make sure vision is sustainable for the ones who’ve put their trust in our able hands.

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B B Eye Foundation

Sukhsagar, 2/5A Sarat Bose Road, Minto Park, Kolkata,
West Bengal 700020
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